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St Lucia South Africa Walking Trails

Walking and Hiking in the St Lucia Wetlands iSimangaliso Park One of the places we visit while on the St Lucia Walking trails

St Lucia South Africa Walking / Hiking Trails

In addition to the game drives and tours through the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park (formerly known as the Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park), we also offer a variety of guided walking/hiking trails in the St Lucia area and in the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park. Our St Lucia walking trails include marine walks along our coastline, where the rocky shores and their abundance of marine organisms are explored, bush walks and forest walks.
Our St Lucia walking Trails cover areas of sub-tropical coastline, dense sub-tropical dune forest and open savannah, with some routes following the shore of Lake St. Lucia and various wetlands. These walks not only give you the chance to see a range of animal species on foot, but also offer incredible views over the lake system and Indian Ocean, a wonderful way to experience St Lucia.

Walking trails in St Lucia South Africa to see turtles Santa Lucia South Africa. Walking trails and hiking trails

Our favourite walking trails around St Lucia are our Turtle trails and the combination Bush and Beach walking trails where both these environments are covered, thus providing the chance to fully experience the diversity of the St Lucia Wetlands Park. On this St Lucia walking trail we often see turtles, rhino, dolphins, zebra and buffalo, all within an hour of each other.

All of our our bush and coastal walking trails are guided by an experienced ranger to ensure an informative walk.

All St Lucia walking trails can be tailor made to suit everyone, from the intrepid hiker to casual walkers

Walking trails in St Lucia South Africa The Turtle Trail, onr of the St Lucia South Africa walking trails / hiking trails

The Sea Turtle Trail

The east coast of Africa is home to large permanent populations of sea turtles which feed and breed along the coast. Off the coast of St Lucia, two species of sea turtles can be viewed throughout the year, the Loggerhead turtle and the Hawksbill turtle. Loggerheads and Hawksbill turtles feed close to shore along the rocky shoreline, rich in crustaceans, sponges and seaweeds and can be easily viewed from the shore in areas where they feed.

Join us on a walking trail along this pristine shore to view the sea turtles in their feeding grounds.

Things we see on the Turtle Trail in St Lucia

Loggerhead Turtles
Hawsbill Turtles
Bottlenose Dolphins
Whale Sharks (occasionally)
Humback Whales (June to November)

On the drive from St Lucia to the starting point of the Turtle Trail we often see..

White Rhino
Black Rhino
African Buffalo
Red Duiker

Walking trails and hiking in St Lucia South Africa to see wildlife and birds St Lucia Turtle Trail - Walking trails iSimangaliso

What to bring along on our St Lucia Walking Trails:

The walking trail is along the rocky shoreline and walking shoes/boots are essential. Long pants are also recommended for leg protection.

Comfortable shoes, sun protection cream, hat, spare T shirt, water and a small rucksack / bag. Our guides always have a set of binoculars with them but if you have your own we recommend that you bring them. Please contact one of our friendly team for more information.

St Lucia South Africa Walking Trails

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