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Zambezi Maps

Including accommodation options in the best Zambezi Tiger Fishing areas.
These Detailed Maps of the Zambezi River were compiled from Google Maps with lots of added information & accommodation / camping options.

Zambezi River Maps

These maps of the Zambezi River have been compiled for travelers planning fishing trips or overland trips to destinations along the Zambezi River in Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Best accommodation for tiger fishing trips along the Zambezi River is included on the maps.

The Zambezi River is almost 3000km long, therefore the maps cover different sections of the Zambezi River from where it leaves Angola and enters Zambia, all the way down to Marrumeu, just upstream of the Zambezi River Delta.

These Detailed maps of the Zambezi River are high resolution, large and zoomable therefore the maps will take a little while to Download.

Click on the individual Zambezi Maps to see the larger version. Zoom in.

Zambezi Map 1 - Upper Zambezi
NW Zambia and Barotseland

Map of the Zambezi River from the border of Angola to the Barotse flood plain

North Western Zambia is well known as the best tiger fishing spot in the world, with this stretch of the Zambezi River producing excellent catches of very big Tiger Fish. This section of the Zambezi River is unpopulated and very little netting of tigerfish takes place.

Zambezi Map 2 - Upper Zambezi
Barotse Flood Plain to Katimo Mulilo
River Zambezi Map - Barotseland & Barotse Flood Plain

Zambezi Map 3 - Upper Zambezi
Katimo Mulilo to Victoria Falls
Zambezi Map - Katimo Mulilo to Victoria Falls. Zambezi Tiger fishing Map. Best Tiger fishing spots along the Zambezi River.

Zambezi Map 4 - Middle Zambezi
Victoria Falls to Lake Kariba
Zambezi River Map - Vic Falls to Lake Kariba. Deka camping, Deka Tiger Fishing

Zambezi Map 6 - Lower Zambezi
Lake Kariba to Cahora Bassa Dam
River Zambezi map - Lower Zambezi River Map

Zambezi Map 7 - Lower Zambezi
Lake Cahora Bassa
Map of Cahora Bassa. Zambesi river map

Zambezi River Map 8 - Lower Zambezi
Cahora Bassa to Marrumeu
Zambezi River Map. Cahora Bassa to Marrumeu close to the Zambezi River Delta
Borotseland Map

Lake Kariba Map

Lake Cahora Bassa Map
Upper Zambezi Maps
Middle Zambezi Map
Lower Zambezi Map

These Maps of the Zambezi River were compiled from Google Maps

Upper Zambezi - Maps 1,2 & 3

River Source in Angola to Victoria Falls
Angola / Namibia / Zambia / Zimbabwe

The mighty Zambezi River has it's source in the Angolan highlands, together with other large rivers such as the Kavango, which forms the Ovavango Delta and the Chobe River, which also has a smaller inland delta before reforming into one main channel just upstream from the confluence with the Zambezi River at Kasangula on the border of Botswana and Zambia. See Zambezi Map 2.

The Zambezi River enters north western Zambia just north of the town of Zambezi. The river flows along the eastern boundary of the Liuwa Plains National Park before entering Barotseland and the Barotse flood plain, Tiger fishing paradise. The Barotse flood plain narrows again at the Ngoye Falls, the second largest waterfall on the Zambezi River.

In the next 100km, the Zambezi River determined the map, forming a natural boundary and creating the border between 4 countries, namely Namibia, Zambia, Botswana and Zimbabwe before widening and  plunging down into the Zambezi River Gorge at Victoria Falls, one of the seven wonders of the world, at the towns of Livingstone on the Zambian side and Victoria Falls village on the Zimbabwe side.
See Zambezi Map 2.

Middle Zambezi - Map 4

Victoria Falls to Lake Kariba
Zambia / Zimbabwe

From Vic Falls, the Zambezi zig zags its way down the Zambezi Gorge with its vertical walls and magnificent scenery. The Zambezi Gorge is also very inaccessible because of the dramatic geology and a series of major rapids.

Below the Victoria Falls, the Deka River flows into the Zambezi from the Zimbabwe side. Deka is one of the first places where on can access the river in the middle Zambezi.
Zambezi Map no.4.

As the crow flies, Lake Kariba is 125km downsteam of the Victoria Falls and has a variety of resorts and houseboats for holidays, fishing trips or water safaris. There are also several camping sites at Kariba which cater for the more independent traveler. Kariba falls between Zambia and Zimbabwe, the northern shore in Zambia and the southern shore in Zimbabwe, with excellent accommodation in the form of camping sites, fishing camps, luxury tented camps, lodges, hotels and houseboats.
See Zambezi Map no.4.

Lake Kariba is the largest waterside resort in southern Africa with the exception of resorts in South Africa.

Lower Zambezi - Maps 5,6,7 & 8

Lake Kariba to the Zambezi River Delta
Zambia / Zimbabwe / Mozambique

Below the Kariba Dam wall, the Zambezi River flows through the rich Zambezi Valley, an area famous for its abundant wildlife and excellent fishing, but infamous for being one of the hottest places on the map in the summer. Most of the camps and campsites along the lower Zambezi are unfenced, making for fantastic wildlife experiences and unforgetable tiger fishing trips.

Below Kariba, the Zambezi widens again after the constiction of the gorge and water flows are also slowed in the summer rainy season by flood gate control by the Zambezi Water Authority.

The Cahora Bassa Dam lies 200km east of Lake Kariba, with the upper reaches of the dam on the border of Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Cahora Bassa is very remote and there is little commercial development around the lake.

Tete is situated 120km east of Cahora Bassa from where the Zambezi river gradually widens across the flat Mozambique coastal plain until it splits into a vast delta before flowing into the Indian Ocean 500km downstream of the Cahora Bassa Dam wall.
Zambezi Maps 7 & 8

Zambezi Tiger fishing Information

Upper Zambezi Fishing

Best fishing time:  May - October

The upper Zambezi River in Barotseland  is inaccessible and wild, with low populations and no disturbance to the river ecology and is home to big shoals of fish.
The Lukulu area is well know for its concentrations of large Tiger fish and a huge variety of bream. The river spreads out over the Barotse flood plain and flows 100km wide at places. Best fishing accommodation in Barotseland in marked on Zambezi Map 1 & 2.

Middle Zambezi Fishing

Best fishing:  May - October

The Zambezi River Gorge is one of the most inaccessible stretches of water in the world, with high flow rates and  a wide, steep-sided  gorge. Access to the Zambezi Gorge is via Deka, where the Deka River has its confluence with the Zambezi. Deka is an area well known for excellent fishing, especially for Tiger Fish. See Zambezi Map 4.

Lower Zambezi Fishing

Best Fishing time:  August  - November

Fishing is less seasonal along the Lower Zambezi because of the effect of the Kariba Dam and Cahora Bassa. Dirty water enters the dams and has time for the silt to settle out before continuing down the Zambezi River Valley. The best time for bearable weather and good fishing is in August and September. See Zambezi Maps 7 & 8.

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