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Work with Dolphins - Volunteers needed in Paradise

Volunteering Jobs - Work with dolphins in Africa Working with dolphins in South Africa. Volunteering Jobs Volunteering jobs in Africa working with dolphins in Southern Afric

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Work with Dolphins in Mozambique

General Information about Working with Dolphins in Africa

Volunteers are needed to work with dolphins in southern Mozambique in a data collection and research project based in Ponta Do Ouro. Volunteering on this Dolphin research project involves going out to sea, swimming with wild dolphins and recording mainly dolphin behavior, social interaction and the dolphin's response to the presence of humans.

While working with wild dolphins in southern Mozambique, you will also have to opportunity to work with the local community in a volunteering program which offers education, training and assistance to the local community. You will be able to work with the local children in the nearby school and orphanage and get involved in teaching the local subsistence farmers the principles of organic gardening and  permaculture, helping the community to help itself

Working with dolphins. Volunteering in Ponta Do Ouro in Southern Mozambique Volunteering with dolphins in Africa Working with dolphins - data collection and research

While volunteering on the dolphin project you will also have time to explore more of Southern Africa, visit the nearby national parks to see Africa's wildlife and the famous Big 5, the leopard, lion, elephant, African buffalo and rhinoceros. In the summer, giant Loggerhead and Leatherback sea turtles come up onto the beaches at night to lay their eggs. Dolphin volunteers can also get involved in the sea turtle monitoring project, where data is collected when female sea turtles are laying their eggs and when the baby turtles are hatching and heading for the ocean.

Volunteer workers will also have plenty of time to get involved in the local activities including surfing, kite surfing, hiking, scuba diving and fishing while not working with dolphins. There will also be time to just relax on the beach and soak up the African sunshine in a climate where the winters are warmer than European summers!

Contact Us for More Details and a full description of the project.

Working with dolphins in Africa Volunteering Jobs in Africa. Working with dolphins