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Of all the tackle we lose, the spoons cost us the most so we have sourced tiger fishing spoons at a really good price. Click on the catalogs below to enlarge.

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Tiger fishing Tackle - Spoons FZ Lures for tiger fish. Spoons Tigerfishing Tackle. Lures and Spoons

There are so many different ways to catch Tiger fish, and so many different types of habitat that Tiger fish use, that you have to have a good variety of tiger fishing tackle in you fishing box.


Use braided line only if you have had a lot of practice fishing with braid. If not, you will waste time undoing knots and lose fishing time. Braid breaks easily because it has no stretch and you need to use a long, clear leader because braid is so visible.

Braid also cuts like a knife, something you need to consider when the Tiger fish is tearing off at 70kph! If you get a loop of braid around your finger during a run it will spoil the rest of your tiger fishing trip.

Bait fishing tackle and live bait tackle is similar to deep sea fishing tackle. Your line needs be be clear and have a breaking strain of 8-12kg, if you use anything lighter to fish for tiger fish in structure, you will just lose a lot of tiger fishing tackle and big Tiger fish. Every time your tackle fails, you leave a poor Tiger fish with tackle in it's mouth, preventing it from feeding and causing unnecessary suffering.

Steel Trace

It is essential to have a roll of fishing trace of 25-50kg braking strain in your tiger fishing tackle box. Some fishermen prefer nylon coated multiple strand wire and others prefer mono-filament piano wire. Piano wire tends to kink and break, especially during long fights.

Tiger fish destroy light tackle, so if you buy ready made traces, remove the clips and either replace with strong ones. Traces should be very long, up to 1m, because the Tiger fish will sometimes strike the lure from the front. If the trace is too short, you will lose all of your terminal tackle and a big Tiger fish.


We replace all our treble hooks with very sharp, thin single hooks. You will buy a lot of tiger fishing tackle with trebles on, but that tackle will lose you a lot of tiger fish. Keep the treble hooks for the bass fishing tackle box. Use chemically sharpened hooks and make sure all your tiger fishing tackle is strong. Keep a range of sizes from 1/0 to 6/0 in your tackle box. Also carry small hooks for catching live bait.

Tiger fishing Tackle - Lures

Soft Baits

You can catch Tiger fish on a variety of hard baits and soft baits. If you decide to use drop shot baits (soft baits), be sure to pack enough into your tiger fishing tackle box because soft baits do not stay intact for very long when fishing for Tiger fish.

Green, yellow, red and black work well for tiger fish, but experiment with different colours in different water and light conditions and change tackle often. It often helps to add some red, such as of a piece of red material to the hook to imitate an injury.

Hard Baits

Stick baits, crank baits, jigs, spinners and spoons all work well for tiger fish in different conditions and at different times of the year. Your tiger fishing tackle box should contain rapalas, crank baits and plenty of spoons and spinners. The best sizes for Tiger fish are 1-4 inch lures.

Tiger fishing spoons works very well and there are several weedless spoons on the market which work well for fishing around structure. Fishing with weedless tiger fishing tackle also saves you a lot because you don't lose as mush terminal tackle.

Tiger fish are very hard on tackle, so old rapalas made from wood should be set aside for less destructive fish like bass. Make sure that all the tiger fishing tackle which you buy is durable and replace the split rings and swivels with high quality products which will not fail when you finally get a giant Tiger fish on the end of your line.

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