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Mamoli Beach Camp

Cape Vidal Accommodation

Self Catering Log Cabins

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Cape Vidal Beach accommodation Cape Vidal accommodation. Self catering Log Cabins Cape Vidal Beach accommodation. Log Cabins close to the beach

Cape Vidal Accommodation

The accommodation at Cape Vidal consists of 27 log cabins set in the forest close to the beach and a private bush camp set on the shores of Lake Bhangazi. Cape Vidal is the perfect family getaway and the comfortable log cabin accommodation allows you to enjoy the area to its fullest.

Cape Vidal is situated within the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park and prior bookings are compulsory.

Cape Vidal Accommodation - Log Cabins

Cape Vidal has 18 x 5 bed self catering log cabins (2 rooms), and 10 x 8 bed log cabins (3 rooms). All accommodation units are fully equipped with cutlery & crockery for a self catering holiday.

Cape Vidal Accommodation Facilities - Log Cabins

  • Fully equipped Kitchen
  • Fridge/freezer
  • Bedding
  • Braai facilities
  • Bathroom with Shower
  • Close to the Beach
What you need to bring along
  • Food
  • Drinking water
  • Toiletries

The accommodation at Cape Vidal is Self catering accommodation and you need to bring all your food and drinking water. A small shop is open during office hours for basic essentials such as beer, ice cream and charcoal. Diesel and petrol are available at the small fuel station at Cape Vidal.

Bhangazi Bush Camp

The Bhangazi Bush Camp offers private accommodation 10km from Cape Vidal of the western shore of Lake Bhangazi. The private bush lodge consists of 4 x 2 bed accommodation units set in the forest, a lounge, kitchen and deck which overlooks lake Bhangazi. The Bhangazi Bush Lodge is fully equipped self catering accommodation, but there is a cook at the lodge who will prepare what you request every day while you are on the beach at Cape Vidal or exploring the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park.

Contact us for more information and Cape Vidal accommodation reservations.

Cape Vidal accommodation. Self catering Log Cabins

Things to do at Cape Vidal

Cape Vidal Beach

The accommodation at Cape Vidal is situated perfectly for a beach holiday with log cabins built in the forest just off the Cape Vidal beach, one of the most beautiful, best beaches in South Africa. The Cape Vidal bay is safe for swimming and snorkeling at low tide, but at high tide, a strong south to north current on the land side of the main reef makes bathing and snorkeling dangerous. Plan your Cape Vidal snorkeling excursions around the tide.

For more information about guided snorkeling trips, Click here

You can find a Cape Vidal tide table here:


Snorkeling in Cape Vidal Bay

5 minutes walk away from the accommodation at Cape Vidal, you will find the main feature of the Cape Vidal bay; the sandstone reef which runs from north-east to south-west. The reef offers protection from the rolling surf at low tide, resulting in a calm shallow bay, excellent for snorkeling and bathing.

The best snorkeling at Cape Vidal is just behind (on the land side) of the reef, 2 hours before to 2 hours after low tide. During neap tides (when low tide is after 14h00) the tide does not get very low and there is less protection from the surf. Snorkeling at Cape Vidal is best during spring tides (4 - 5 days before full moon /new moon, until 4-5 days after full /new moon).

Look out for the mast of a salvage vessel which wrecked on the Cape Vidal Reef. Large chains are also visible at low tide. The salvage vessel was wrecked while looking for treasure from the more than 100 year old wreck of the Dorothea, a barque which was transporting gold and diamonds. The crew of the Dorothea abandoned ship and where picked up by another vessel in the area. the Dorothea ended up striking the Cape Vidal reef. The treasure which was allegedly being transported in the Dorothea has never been found - good luck!

Cape Vidal beach accommodation. Self catering Log Cabins
Be aware of strong currents at Cape Vidal

Cape Vidal Game Viewing and Birdwatching

On day when the weather is not good for beach activities, you don't have to be stuck in your accommodation at Cape Vidal. Cape Vidal is situated within the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park, which is turning into one of South Africa's best game viewing and birdwatching spots. From your accommodation at Cape Vidal, you can explore the southern section of the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park on a network of roads which take you through some of the best parts of the park.

Some of the best places to see include Mission Rocks, Mount Tabor view sites, Mfazana bird and game hide, Lake Bhangazi and iSibomvini. Common animal sightings close to Cape Vidal include Hippos, White Rhino, Black Rhino, Buffalo, Zebra, Wildebeest, Kudu, Waterbuck and warthogs. Leopard are common, but rarely seen. Special bird sightings include Southern Banded Snake Eagle, Olive Bee eater, Livingstones Turaco, Narina Trogon, Purple Galinule, Crowned Eagle, Martial Eagle, Fish Eagle, Saddle-billed Stork and the Secretary Bird.

Visit St Lucia

The holiday village of St Lucia is situated 37 km, 1 hours drive, south of the accommodation at Cape Vidal. St Lucia has supermarkets, a fruit & vegetable market, fuel station, retaurants, doctors, spa's, pharmacy and craft shops. There are many activities available in St Lucia including boat cruises on the St Lucia Estuary, whale watching, deep sea fishing and walking trails.


  • The currents in Cape Vidal bay are dangerous during incoming tides and at high tide when waves wash water over the reef, causing a current to run from south to north in the bay. Avoid swimming and snorkeling in the Cape Vidal Bay at high tide.
  • Occasionally the wind blows jellyfish and blue bottles close inshore. Stings are painful but not fatal.
  • There are deadly Stonefish along the KZN north coast. They are easy to avoid - simply do not walk on submerged rocks where they can be stepped on! Stonefish are very well camouflaged and have poisonous spines on their body. Do not walk on rocks underwater, rather float over the rock until you get to a sandy spot to stand in.
  • The Zululand sun starts to burn you as it rises and stops burning you only when it sets! Be sure to bring along enough sun protection for your time on the Cape Vidal beach.
  • Beware that the Samango monkeys at Cape Vidal don't steal your picnic lunch. Also, close the windows of your accommodation when you are away, otherwise the monkeys WILL steal (collect) the food in your log cabin. Please DO NOT feed the monkeys are other animals, they will help themselves!
  • Watch out for hippos, bushpigs and porcupines close the accommodation at Cape Vidal at night time.
Reservations: Tel 082 2575 612 all hours
Email: info@extremenaturetours.co.za