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St Lucia Weather - General Overview

St Lucia Africa

Our St Lucia weather page provides info about the general climatic conditions around St Lucia as well as month to month overviews of what you can expect while traveling in the St Lucia South Africa area.

St lucia is situated on the North East Coast of KwaZulu Natal in a subtropical climatic region.  St Lucia has some of the best weather across South Africa with hot summers and very mild winters with mostly blue skies.  St Lucia enjoys an average of 325 sunshing days per annum! Summer weather in St Lucia is hot with late afternoon and evening thunderstorms with temperatures ranging between 25'C and 35'C. 

The warm Agulas current influences St Lucia weather by bringing warm water from the tropics down the African coast and right past St Lucia where the warm ocean current warms the air, causing the weather in St Lucia to be much warmer in the winter than other places on the same latitude, but in the summer, the water surrounding St Lucia has a cooling effect, keeping temperatures below 40'C.

St Lucia Weather in the winter in very mild, with warm days. The winter is the dry season, with most days being sunny and warm. Temperatures range between 15'C on the coldest days to 28'C. The average daytime temperature in the winter is 24'C. 

St Lucia Weather - General Forecasts month to month

Avg = average day temps

St Lucia Weather - Janaury - Hot but mild winds blow. 25'C-35'C. Avg 30'C

St Lucia Weather - February - Hottest month. 26'C-40'C. Avg 32'C

St Lucia Weather - March - Best weather month.25'C-36'C. Avg 29'C

St Lucia Weather - April - Warm with hot days. 23'C-32'C. Avg 27'C

St Lucia Weather - May - Warm days and cool nights. 22'C-30'C. Avg 25'C

St Lucia Weather - June - Mild days and cool nights. 18'C-28'C. Avg 24'C

St Lucia Weather - July - Mild days and cool nights.15'C-26'C. Avg 24'C

St Lucia Weather - August - Mild days cool nights. Windy. 16'C- 25'C. Avg 24'C

St Lucia Weather - September - Warm days and cool nights.17'C-28'C. Avg 25'C

St Lucia Weather - October- Some hot days and mild nights. 21'C-32'C. Avg 26'C

St Lucia Weather - November - Hot days and warm nights. 23'C-33'C. Avg 28'C

St Lucia Weather - December - Hot day and night. 27'C-40'C. Avg 30'C

St Lucia weather can be really hot in the summer with temperatures reaching 40'C. Just inland from St Lucia, weather systems are different, with no rain in the winter and even hotter temperatures than at St Lucia.Remember to use high SPF sunscreen even when St Lucia weather is cloudy.

In the winter, St Lucia weather is mild, with cool evening and pleasant sunny days. St Lucia weather systems change in October and thunderstorms often develop in the late afternoon and evenings, clearing by morning.

What clothes to bring on a visit to St Lucia South Africa:

St Lucia South Africa - Weather

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