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St Lucia South Africa Snorkeling Adventures

St Lucia Snorkeling Saint Lucia Cape Vidal

St Lucia South Africa

Snorkeling Adventures

St Lucia South Africa Snorkeling Information

St Lucia Snorkeling Adventures

There many places within the St Lucia Wetlands Park (iSimangaliso) which offer good snorkeling for beginner level snorkelers, and more challenging snorkeling for more experienced swimmers and snorkelers. The following snorkeling packages include the best snorkeling spots in the area as well as some other interesting destinations

1 Day St Lucia Snorkeling trip

Cape Vidal

Snorkeling St Lucia South Africa Saint Lucia

Cape Vidal has snorkeling spots which are very tide dependent, but with the correct timing, the snorkeling is safe and suitable for all ages and skill levels. Snorkeling at Cape Vidal can be very dangerous when tidal conditions are not taken into consideration. Contact us for free safety advice if you decide to snorkel at Cape Vidal without a guide.

Join us on an organized snorkeling trip where we depart from St Lucia and drive into the Southern Part of the St Lucia Wetlands Park (iSimangaliso) where one can snorkel at different spots including Cape Vidal, Bats Cave and Perriers Bay, depending upon ocean conditions on the day.

Our one day snorkeling adventures are let by a professional guide and include a safari through the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park, all snorkeling equipment and a full braai (barbecue) lunch as well as refreshments.

Sightings on our snorkeling trips from St Lucia include a huge variety of tropical fish, harmless rays, lobsters and sea turtles. On the drive iSimangaliso we regularly see rhino, buffalo, zebra, wildebeest and many antelope and bird species.

Tour Departure 08h00 Return 15h00-16h00.

St Lucia Snorkeling adventures are tide dependent.

St lucia Snorkeling trips

2 Day St Lucia Snorkeling Adventure 

Sodwana Bay and Mabibi

Day 1

Depart from St Lucia at 07h00, drive to Sodwana Bay for a snorkeling session in the protected bay. Sodwana snorkeling is also tide dependent and is very safe at low tide with a huge variety of tropical fish. For the more adventurous snorkeler,there is the option of taking a boat ride out to sea to snorkel the shallower reefs usually used by scuba divers. On these trips we often see dolphins, sea turtles and whales.

After lunch we depart for Mabibi, in the central part of the St Lucia Wetlands Park, where we spend the night in a camping site in Paradise.There is also 5 star accommodation at Mabibi for those who prefer. The evening is spent relaxing around the campfire, with the sound of the ocean in the background.

Day 2

After a bush breakfast, we walk down the vegetated sand dunes to one of the best snorkeling spots in South Africa. The bay at Mabibi is protected from the breaking surf and offers safe snorkeling at low tide.  The diversity of species at Mabibi is remarkable and the water is always a tropical shade of turquoise and never drops below20C, allowing comfortable snorkeling in winter and summer.

After a day of sun, sand and snorkeling, we return back to St Lucia in the late afternoon.

Electric ray at Cape Vidal St Lucia. Snorkeling at St Lucia

3 Day Snorkeling Adventure

Cape Vidal, Sodwana Bay, Mabibi and Kosi Bay

Day 1

Depart from St Lucia at08h00 for a day of snorkeling, game viewing, sun, sand  and good food in the St Lucia Wetlands Park, now know as the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park. Sightings range from all the tropical fish and other marine organisms to large land animals such as rhinoceros, buffalo, hippos, zebra and wildebeest.

photo of the snorkeling area at Cape Vidal, just north of St Lucia. Safe snorkelling

Day 2

>Drive from St Lucia to Mabibi, just north of Sodwana bay, the famous scuba diving resort. At Mabibi we snorkel in the protected bay behind the sandstone reef in an area that gets as calm as a swimming pool at low tide. From Mabibi, we drive along a 4x4 track through the northern part of the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park to a place called Bhanga Nek, 15 km south of the Mozambique border where we spend the night in a rustic beach camp.

Kosi Mouth Fish Kraals / fish Traps

Day 3

After a hearty breakfast,we drive north to Kosi Mouth for some snorkeling in a place called 'the Aquarium'. This is also a great opportunity to see the fish kraals(fish traps) made and maintained by the local Thonga community, a form of sustainable fishing which has been practiced at Kosi Bay for the last 500 years.

From Kosi Bay, we drive to the Tembe Elephant Park, home to Africa's largest elephants, and arrive back in St Lucia in the late afternoon.

This snorkeling package can be extended for another day to include one day at Ponta Do Ouro to snorkel with wild dolphins.

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