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Ponta Do Ouro Beach Camping site

Tanje Beach Resort Camping Site and Chalets

  • Camping close to Ponta Do Ouro Main beach. Walk from your campsite onto the beach.
  • Electricity available. Electric plug points.
  • Restaurant on the same property
  • Close to the beach  at Ponta Do Ouro
  • Unfortunately the sea will keep you awake at night in our campsite :)
This campsite is not the most luxurious in Ponta Do Ouro, but it is situated virtually on the beach. You can literally step from your camping site directly onto the main beach at Ponta Do Ouro.  The view down the beach from the beach front camping sites and the beach front chalets is breathtaking.

There is a restaurant situated on the same property as the camping site and there is a supermarket and local produce market (Baracas) nearby. It is recommended that when visiting this campsite that you bring your own drinking water.

This is the largest and busiest of all Ponta Do Ouro Camping Sites. The camping site is full during holiday seasons and early camping bookings are advised to ensure you get a camping site at Ponta Do Ouro.

Things to do while camping in Ponta Do Ouro

Rock and Surf Fishing
Kayak Fishing
Deep sea Fishing
Swim with Dolphins
Scuba Diving
Kite Boarding
Spear Fishing

Please ensure you have the correct documentation to launch a boat from the Tanje Camping Site.

Ponta Do Ouro Camping Reservations
Tel: 082 2575 612

Leatherback Campsite - Ponta Do Ouro Camping Site


    Sparkling clean private ablution facilities
    Hot water showers
    Flushing toilets
    Electricity (Generator runs am and pm)
    Large Camp Sites

Tel: 082 2575 612 / 076 4855 366

Ponta Do Ouro Camp sites and accommodation available

Ponta Do Ouro Camping Site

This Ponta Do Ouro camping site had been designed and built with the ladies in mind. Half of the camping sites have private toilet shower and washing up facilities, hot water and electricity. The remaining camping sites have shared ablution facilities which are large, neat and very clean. Even the most discerning of camping guests are very impressed with the facilities at this Ponta Do Ouro camping site.

Clean, comfortable, affordable Ponta Do Ouro camp site

Ponta Do Ouro Camping Site - Photos

Ponta Do Ouro Camping Site Ponta Da Oura Camping site Clean Camping at Ponta Do Oura
Kampeer Plekke Ponta D' Ouro Ponta Do Oura camp site with clean facilities View from the ponta do ouro camping site


After the war ended in Mozambique in the early 1990', the local people quickly came to live in peace and enjoy a life without strife. Some citizens who owned houses in Mozambique before the war began have now come back to places like Ponta Do Ouro and Ponta Malongane. Beach resorts and private properties have been developed, restaurants have been opened and scuba diving charters and general tour operators are bringing in tourists from across the world again. South Africans are now also enjoying the freedom, beaches and holiday atmosphere in Ponta Do Ouro, Ponta Malongane and other Coastal resorts.

Mozambique is peaceful with very little crime and the coast is a paradise holiday destination with golden sandy beaches, coastal forests and offshore reefs which attract fishermen and scuba diving enthusiasts. Coastal resort towns such as Ponta Do Ouro, Ponta Malongane, Ponta Mamoli, Inhaca Island in Southern Mozambique offer a range of accommodation ranging from camping sites near the beach to luxury lodges. Towns like Ponta Do Ouro, Ponta Malongane and Ponta Mamoli area easily accessible, with tar roads all the way to the border and airports in all major tourist centers including Maputo, Vilankulo, Inhambane and Beira. Accommodation establishments, Ponta Do Ouro camping sites, tour operators and scuba diving charters do arrange border transfers where you can leave your vehicle at the border at Kosi Bay (Farazela).

Mozambique has become a very popular camping holiday destination amongst South Africans who come to enjoy the paradise beaches, peaceful camping sites, seafood, relaxing atmosphere as well as a host of activities which include scuba diving, rock and surf fishing, deep sea fishing, quad biking, jet skiing and island hopping in the north of Mozambique with a dhow.

Ponta Do Ouro Camping Site

Reservations: Tel: 082 2575 612 (South Africa)
                            076 4855 366 (South Africa)

Ponta Do Ouro
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