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Ponta Do Ouro - Mozambique

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Mamoli Beach Camp

Accommodation in Ponta Do Ouro

Near the Beach

Self Catering Accommodation in Ponta Near the Beach.

Reservations: Tel: 082 2575 612 (South Africa)
                            076 4855 366 (South Africa)
Email: info@extremenaturetours.co.za

Camping sites in Ponta Do Ouro and Ponta Malongane Ponta Do Ouro Camping sites ponta Malongane

Accommodation Available in Ponta Do Ouro Close to the Beach

Ponta Accommodation near the beach

If you are in search of accommodation available in Ponta Do Ouro which is close to the beach, clean and affordable, and available during the dates you plan to be on holiday in Ponta Do Ouro, one call to us will secure your accommodation booking without any expensive international phone calls.

We do regular site inspections at Ponta accommodation establishments and recommend only the best accommodation with value for money. We provide all relevant information, maps of the Ponta Do Ouro area, GPS Co-ordinates and guaranteed accommodation reservations without you having to make international phone calls.

Call  or email us and let us know what kind of accommodation you prefer, hotels, chalets, self catering accommodation, lodges etc and we will do all the searching and make the accommodation reservation for you.


Clean, comfortable, affordable Ponta Do Ouro campsites 

We also provide a service to local camping sites as a South African based accommodation agent for camping site reservations.

Ponta Do Ouro Camping Site Ponta Da Oura Camping site Clean Camping at Ponta Do Oura
Kampeer Plekke Ponta D' Ouro Ponta Do Oura camp site with clean facilities View from the ponta do ouro camping site

Ponta Do Ouro accommodation Reservations  

Reputable Payment Security Service
Tel: 082 2575 612 / 076 4855 366 all hours
Email: info@extremenaturetours.co.za

Ponta Accommodation - Safety and Crime Situation

Mozambique is one of the safest countries in Africa, a place that welcomes visitors who are discovering the freedom and beauty of the tropical beaches, complete with palm trees and turquoise warm water.

As in many places across Africa, one has to be aware of petty theft. Don't leave your belongings where they can be nicked, avoid offering the temptation.

No violent criminal incidents have occurred in the Ponta Do Ouro area and the police are strict and deal with criminals quickly and efficiently. The police in southern Mozambique do not harass tourists, just make sure you keep your documentation with you (3rd party insurance bought at the border, vehicle registration Documents, Passports).

To avoid problems at the border, do not transport any beer, spirits, meat, fish,  fruits or vegetables across the border. Be friendly and patient with officials and be tolerant when they don't understand English or Afrikaans.


Ponta Do Ouro Accommodation Reservations

Reservations: Tel: 082 2575 612 (South Africa)
                            076 4855 366 (South Africa)
Email: info@extremenaturetours.co.za

Ponta Do Ouro
Ponta Malongane

Accommodation Available in Ponta Do Ouro
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