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Mabibi - South Africa

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Mamoli Beach Camp

Thonga Beach Lodge - Mabibi

Mabibi Lodge Accommodation

Mabibi beach view from our mabibi lodge accommodation Mabibi lodge sundeck just off Mabibi beach Snorkeling at Mabibi is within a short walk of the lodge at Mabibi

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Luxurious lodge rooms, pristine, endless beaches, evergreen forests and some of the best snorkeling in South Africa at Mabibi Point. The Thonga Beach Lodge is an exclusive Lodge situated in a really Special place - Mabibi, in northern KZN South Africa. The lodge is a 24 bed lodge with separate chalets set just off the beach in the coastal dune forest. Some lodge chalets have a sea view and others have a forest view.

The Thonga Beach Lodge at Mabibi is the perfect destination for a break from life, a place where you can relax in luxury in one of the most beautiful places in South Africa. Mabibi is a fantastic location for ocean activities including snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing. Step directly out of the lodge onto Mabibi beach! The lodge is so close to the  sea that the sound of the waves may keep you awake at night :)

Luxurious Lodge Rooms
Exquisite Meals, teas & coffees
Use of snorkeling equipment
Guided walks
Kayaking and sundowners at Lake Sibaya
Cultural tours to Mabibi Community
Scuba Diving

Thonga Beach Lodge Mabibi - bar Thonga Beach Lodge accommodation South Africa Snorkeling at Mabibi while staying at Thonga Beach Lodge

Optional Lodge activities and facilities at Thonga Beach Lodge include:

A Heath Spar
Scuba Diving
Ocean Safaris
Guided snorkeling at Mabibi point
Guided walks
Turtle Tours

Lodge Facilities include:

Overhead Fans
Air Conditioning
24hr Lighting
Recharge Batteries
Mosquito Nets
Safe at Reception

Thonga lodge beach deck at Mabibi beach Beach decks at Mabibi lodge accommodation Mabibi lodge accommodation and snorkeling

Thonga Beach Lodge - Mabibi

What to see and do at Mabibi while staying in the luxury accommodation at Thonga Beach Lodge - Mabibi

Snorkeling at Mabibi Point

Within a short walk of the Thonga Beach Lodge accommodation, Mabibi point offers some of the best snorkeling along the East Coast of South Africa. A variety of tropical fish of all colours of the rainbow inhabit the sheltered snorkeling area at Mabibi point.

Snorkeling at Mabibi needs to be timed correctly, making sure that you snorkel during the low or ebb tide. If your main reason for visiting the Thonga Beach Lodge is snorkeling, be sure to contact us about the best snorkeling days in any month. The water at Mabibi is warm all year round, making snorkeling a viable activity at any time of the year.

Kayaking at Lake Sibaya

While staying at Thonga Beach Lodge at Mabibi, be sure to join a kayaking trip on lake Sibaya, one of the clearest and most beautiful natural lakes in South Africa. Lake Sibaya is 6km away from the accommodation at Mabibi and the drive from the lodge takes 25 min. No Experience is required because the lodge guides will accompany you to do the paddling if necessary.

Lake Sibaya is one of several coastal lakes which lie between St Lucia and Kosi Bay on the east coast of South Africa, originally connected to the sea but it has turned to a fresh water lake over the last 25 000 - 40 000 years. Marine fish which became trapped in Lake Sibaya adapted to the changing salinities, becoming separate fresh water species which are now endemic to Lake Sibaya.

Scuba Diving at Mabibi
The Thonga Beach Lodge accommodation at Mabibi is situated along a section of coastline which is untouched and dotted with numerous coral reef systems at depths which are easy to reach. The reefs are rich with many species of corals, rays, moral eels and turtles. We often see whale sharks, humpback whales and dolphins on the trips to the reefs and back, making our scuba diving trips more like ocean safaris.

The Thonga Beach Lodge has all the required scuba equipment, just bring along your scuba diving ticket, take a short walk from your accommodation onto the Mabibi Beach, jump into the boat and enter an  underwater wonderland.

Thonga Beach Lodge - Mabibi Accommodation

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Mabibi and Surrounds

The accommodation at the Thonga Beach Lodge is set within the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park, one of South Africa's UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The lodge is situated within the strip of coastal dune forest which covers the sand dunes from St Lucia in the south, all the way to Inhaca Island in the North.

The accommodation is only 30m off the Mabibi beach, one of the most remote beaches in South Africa, which is not only within the St Lucia Marine Reserve, but the lodge is also within the Maputaland Turtle Sanctuary, established in 1964 to protect the hundreds of  Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles which nest on the beach at Mabibi, often close to the accommodation. During the turtle nesting season from November to February, turtle tours depart from the lodge nightly, in search of nesting female turtles and baby turtles hatching later in January and February.

The beach at Mabibi stretches for as far as the eye can see and the water is always clean with a thousand shades of blue. Looking north, the next point you see is Island Rock, looking south from Mabibi Point, Jesser Point and Sodwana Bay can be seen in the distance. From your accommodation, you can step out onto the Mabibi beach and walk for miles without seeing a sole and when you return to the lodge, cocktails and fine cuisine await.

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Mabibi Lodge Accommodation - Thonga Beach Lodge

Mabibi lodge accommodation and turtle tours

Tel: 076 1971 818 all hours 7 days a week

Email: info@extremenaturetours.co.za

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