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Kosi Bay - South Africa

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Welcome to Kosi Bay - Fishing Paradise

Kosi Bay fishing

Kosi Bay Estuary

Kosi Bay Fishing

My first Kosi Bay Fishing trip was an absolute disaster and my boet and I almost sank our new little boat in a howling south wester when she started taking on way too much water...but we fell in love with Kosi Bay and can't stay away now!

We arrange complete Kosi Bay fishing packages including accommodation, boat, fishing guides and skipper, fuel and all rods and tackle. We also offer free advice on Kosi Bay fishing and accommodation at Kosi Bay, the best Kosi Bay fishing spots, Kosi Bay fishing tips and techniques, boat and skipper hire, Kosi bay fishing guides, Kosi Bay fishing permits, Kosi Bay fishing boat permits.

Fishing Kosi Bay is an experience that every South African angler should experience at least once, with fishing options ranging from fishing at Kosi Mouth, the Kosi lake system and rock and surf angling at Kosi Mouth, Bhanga Nek, Black Rock, Rocktail Bay.


Kosi Bay Fishing - Kosi Mouth

Kosi Mouth fishing is most productive just before and after high tide when more larger fish are moving in and out of the Kosi lakes, so plan any fishing at Kosi Mouth aroung the tide. Kosi Mouth fishing is better during spring tides when there is more water in the mouth.

Kosi Mouth fishing techniques include fly fishing, artificial lures, spooning, drop shot and live bait including Mullet and Pouter. The best fishing at Kosi Mouth is from the beach, fishing into the mouth where the water is foamy and into the surf next to the mouth and where the mouth widens out into the lake.. Look for areas in the Kosi Mouth where the water is not very clean, especially when using artificial baits.

Kosi Bay fishing

Kosi Mouth


Kosi Bay Fishing - Kosi Lakes

Even though the Kosi Bay lake system is teeming with fish, fishing Kosi Bay can be frustrating unless you target specific species in the different lakes at the right time. Fishing in the Kosi 1st Lake includes long-lining for Grunter with sand prawns (cracker shrimp) and sardine fillet, Rock Salmon and Kingfish, fishing livebait for snapper, pick-handled pike and Kingfish, and fly fishing for a variety of predatory and bottom feeding fish with flies including Decievers, Clouser Minnows, Crazy Charlies and tarpon flies. Fly rod weights should range between 8 and 12 weight with a 9 weight being a good overall rod.

Kosi Bay fishing is best with light tacle. Use light line, small hooks, small swivels and flourocarbon leader when long-lining for grunter. When fishing Kosi Bay for Kings, always use a short bite trace and use livebait which can be caught in the shallows near the fish kraals with small hooks and prawn bait.

Kosi Bay fishing

Kosi Bay Fishing - Spotted Grunter


Kosi Bay Fishing - Rock and Surf

Kosi Bay fishing

Maputaland Coastline

The Maputaland coast is the best place in the country to target big Kingfish. They are caught all year round, but are more plentiful in the summer. Big Kings are targeted off the beach at Kosi with livebait and big plugs on big reels with heavy line and thick mono leader. Don't target the big Kingfish at Kosi Bay with light tackle because they fight themself to death on light tackle and the chances of a successful release are very small.

Other baits used from the shore include sardine, crab, sea lice, crayfish, prawns and red bait, and species commonly caught include Kingfish, Snapper, Lantern fish, Stumpnose and Rock Cod. Night fishing at Kosi Bay is recommended there are often good catches of Kingfish, Snapper, Lantern fish, sharks, rays and Guitar fish.