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Jozini Tiger fishing information

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These were the only Jozini Tigerfish Bonanza rules i could find.....

Jozini Tigerfish Bonanza rules

No livebait may be brought in from elsewhere. No goldfish, Koi or any other fish that can introduce diseases into Jozini Dam. Heavy fines and boat confiscation.

Skippers must be in possession of a valid skippers ticket.

No Cast Netting allowed in Jozini Dam.

No 1 man teams. each team must have a licensed skipper and crew.

No fishing from the shore is allowed.

300 Boats only.

Please use weigh-in boats and release fish alive.

No fuel changes on the water to prevent pollution.

No Littering.

Do not disturb the birds and animals in the park.

You may use any bait and any artificial lures during the Tigerfish Bonanza.


Jozini Dam Accommodation - Self Catering and perfect for fishing trips

Jozini Dam Boat and Skipper Hire - Tel 082 2575 612


The Jozini Tigerfish Bonanza rules! But where are the Jozini Tiger fishing Bonanza rules? Do the Jozini Tigerfish Bonanza rules allow pre-fishing. Do the Jozini Tigerfish Bonanza rules allow gillnetting, cast netting or drag netting. Do the Jozini Tigerfish Bonanza rules allow dynamite?

The annual Jozini Tigerfish Bonanza is being held from 23 to 25 September. The Jozini Tigerfish Bonanza competition rules will appear on this site shortly.

Jozini Tiger fishing information

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