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Jozini Dam - South Africa

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Jozini Dam Information

Jozini Dam Tiger Fishing Information

This web page has been set up by a fisherman for fishermen and contains useful information and services for anyone planning a fishing trip to the Jozini Dam.

Here you will find tiger fishing information, information about different accommodation options, boating safety information and some rules and regulations so that you don't accidentally have trouble with the men in green uniforms.

Jozini Camping and Tiger Fishing

If you are planning a camping and fishing trip to Jozini Dam, camping is possible at the northern and southern ends of Jozini Dam. Camping at Jozini is the best way to experience the area and its wildlife and fishing. Very nice camping sites and caravan sites  with slipways to launch boats from are available.

At the northern end, near Golela at the Swaziland border, the campsite is situated near to where the Pongola River flows into the Jozini Dam. This part of the Dam offers a huge variety of options for tiger fishing and angling for other species such as Tilapia and Catfish.

At the southern end of Jozini Dam, near to Mkuze, the southern Jozini Dam Campsite (Fish Eagle Campsite) is situated below the cliffs of the Lebombo mountains, near to the Pongola River Gorge. The area to the right (east) of the Jozini Dam campsite offers deep water angling. To the left (west) of the Jozini Dam campsite there are also weed beds nearby on the southern and western side of the Jozini Dam.

Camping at Jozini Dam for tiger fishing in the wet season, from November to April is better at the Fish Eagle campsite at the southern end because the water is cleaner furthest from the Pongola River. Fish Eagle has good ablutions, electricity and hot water showers and is situated close to the dam.

The campsites at Jozini Dam are basic but offer comfortable camping and are situated perfectly for nature camping access to good tiger fishing areas and also good game viewing, as the areas around Jozini Dam and the campsites are protected areas with big game including elephants, rhino and buffalo. Hippo and crocodiles are common in the lake and one has to take care!

Camping Facilities:

Clean Ablution blocks with hot water
Electricity (Bring own extension chord)
Small Jetty

Camping and Accommodation Info and Reservations:
Tel: 082 2575 612 all hours
Email: info@extremenaturetours.co.za

Detailed Tiger Fishing Information - Click Here

The Jozini Dam

The Jozini Dam lies on the south western side of the Lebombo mountains on the Elephant Coast and covers a total area of 16 000 ha, making the Jozini dam the third largest dam in South Africa. The Jozini Dam was originally build to irrigate over 80 000 ha of farm land on the Makatini flats, supporting products such as sugarcane, cotton, maize and various sub-tropical fruits.

The water levels of Jozini Dam remained below 12% until in 1983 when the cyclone Demoina floods filled it in 3 days! . All the fish which inhabited the Pongola River now thrive in Jozini Dam, both endemic yellow fish, barbel, tilapia and tiger fish as well as exotics such as black bass and carp. Jozini Dam is the best tiger fishing destination in South Africa with tiger fish of 5 - 10 kg being caught regularly these days now that the fish populations in the Jozini Dam are well established.

The Jozini Dam  is often compared it to Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe and has become a fantastic destination for game viewing and water safaris as farmers convert huge areas of land around Jozini Dam back to its original natural state. The main attractions around Jozini Dam include tiger fishing and game viewing, especially since the return of elephant herds.

Other wildlife in the area includes, buffalo, wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, kudu, bushbuck, steenbok, hyena, cheetah, wild dog, cerval cat, warthog and even the occasional sighting of leopard, which roam the Lebombo mountains.

The Jozini Dam’s muddy banks and reed beds are home to a variety of birds, and over 350 different species have been recorded, including the white faced whistling duck, darters, yellow billed storks, Egyptian geese, long tailed cormorants, grey herons, kingfishers and fish eagles.

Jozini Dam Camping

Fish Eagle Campsite - Jozini

For Reservations Tel: 082 2575 612 / 076 4855 366

Jozini Dam Camping Reservations Tel: 082 2575 612
Email: info@extremenaturetours.co.za

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Jozini Camping and Accommodation Reservations

Tel: 082 2575 612
Email: info@extremenaturetours.co.za

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Jozini Dam Tiger Fishing Information

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