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Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall, south of Coffee Bay is a unique geological structure with a huge detached cliff that has a giant opening eroded through its centre by millions of years of wave action. The local Xhosa call this place "izi Khaleni", which means "place of thunder" because of the roar of the breakers hitting the Hole in the Wall cliffs

The Xhosa legend of Hole in The Wall: Xhosa mythology tells a far more romantic tale of the sea people, semi deities who look like humans but have supple wrists and ankles and flipperlike hands and feet. A beautiful girl living on the Wild Coast, in a village near a lagoon, cut off from the sea by a mighty cliff, was seen by one of the sea people who became overwhelmed by her beauty and tried to court her. In dealing with the wrath of her father, the sea people enlisted the help of a huge fish who battered its way headfirst through the wall of rock. Through this hole spilled the sea people who swept the young Xhosa maiden away.
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Hole in the Wall offers sea-fishing and boating charters. The long, unspoiled beachis perfect for swimming, snorkeling, surfing, sunbathing and all related water sports including kayaking and fishing. Great 4 x 4 adventure trips, horse riding and Xhosa cultural tours are on offer. One can also explore the Hole in the wall area on foot. The scenery is spectacular and the large variety of attractions include the famous geographical feature of Hole in the Wall, rivers, lagoons, rock pools and a chance to explore the rural African landscape.

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On the grounds of the Hole in the Wall Entertainment Village there is a swimming pool with side bar and fantastic view of the Hole in the wall beach. A play area complete with trampoline, swings and model boat can keep the children entertained for hours. For adults there is a ladies bar which is open till late. Play for free on one of the two pool tables or relax and watch the sunset over the sea from the outside deck. A volley ball court is available at Hole in the Wall for those who enjoy a little action!

Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall Camping - Central Reservations

Tel: 079 373 5461 / 082 857 3363