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Bazaruto Island Archipelago - Island Hopping Holidays

Bazaruto Island Archipelago Holidays

The Ultimate Island Hopping Holiday

Bazaruto Island Archipelago - Mozambique

Pearl Of the Indian Ocean

Visit and explore the entire Bazaruto Island Archipelago, spending time on all the different islands in the island chain - in absolute Luxury

Island hopping by boat, helicopter and light aircraft
Privacy, Peace, Tranquility and Exclusivity

Bazaruto Island
Benguerra Island
Magaruque Island - Ilha de Santa Isabel
Paradise Island - Ilha de Santa Carolina

Cooconut Palms are common on the Bazaruto Islands Bengwerra Island, Bazaruto, Mozambique Sunset from Paradise Island Bazaruto. On Holiday Island Hopping

Activities include:

Scuba Diving
Island Tours
Deep Sea Fishing Trips
Skiing & Wake boarding
Dhow Sailing
Horse Riding 

The following aspects of our Bazaruto island hopping holiday are pre-arranged and inclusive..

All transport from the time you land in Mozambique at Vilanculos airport
All helicopter and/or airplane transfers between islands and  lodges
All activities on and around the islands
All specified meals - depending on your individual itinerary

The Bazaruto Island Archipelago lodges are all world class, catering for the most discerning of international guests. Helicopter and airplane transfers between islands and lodges give you the opportunity to see the islands not only by boat and foot, but also from the air, the only way to really appreciate the sheer beauty of the Bazaruto Island Archipelago.

We design itineraries specifically around your needs, interests and time availability.

Looking east towards Magaruque Island from Vilanculos. Island Sunrise Looking west from Santa Carolina Island towards the Bazaruto Archipelago Northern Bazaruto Island

Bazaruto Island Hopping - Itinerary example

Day 1. Arrive Vilanculos - Helicopter ride out to Benguerra Island

On arrival at Vilanculos Airport, you will be met by our private charter company for a short helicopter ride out to a luxury lodge on Benguerra Island, the second largest island in the Bazaruto  archipelago, for a 2 night stay in the luxurious Marlin Lodge.

Spend the afternoon relaxing at the lodge overlooking a white tropical island beach, or spend some time rejuvenating in the warm, turquoise water of the Indian Ocean.

End the day with some fresh island cuisine and enjoy the African night skies without any light pollution whatsoever. Fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping gently on the island shore.

Day 2.  

On day 2 you have several optional activities to choose from:

You can do a Benguerra Island tour
Or visit Magaruque Island for some snorkeling and a picnic on the beach.
Scuba diving trips to Two-Mile reef
Big Game fishing

Looking east from Santa Carolina Island to Bazaruto Island Paradise Island, Bazaruto, Mozambique Dhows along the tropical shore of Bazaruto Island
Day 3.

After breakfast, you will be collected from Marlin Lodge for a scenic transfer by boat to your next accommodation, Azura Benguerra, on the northern side of Benguerra Island.

This gives you the opportunity to see much of the Island from the water and to look for dolphins and Dugongs, very special inhabitants of the Bazaruto Island Archipelago.

After lunch you have the choice again of some different Island activities or you can simply relax on the beach, the choice is yours:

Experience the peace and tranquility of  sailing - the ancient way, with a traditional dhow, and enjoy a sundowner cruise.

If you are an avid scuba diving enthusiast, you can take a scuba diving trip into the channel between Benguerra Island and the Bazaruto Island.

Day 4 - Helicopter transfer to Bazaruto Island

Once you are up, enjoy an island breakfast before your helicopter arrives to collect you in style,  for a scenic flight and transfer to your next lodge on you island hopping adventure, Anantara Bazaruto Lodge, situated on the central western side of the largest island in the Bazaruto Archipelago, Bazaruto Island.

Spend the afternoon doing an island tour or just simply relax on the beach or at the pool. Other activities available for the day include scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing trips and sunset cruises.

Day 5 - Visit Paradise Island

Anantara Lodge is the best location from which to visit Paradise Island, also know as Ilha de Santa Carolina, the jewel of the Bazaruto Archipelago. Protected from the islands on the outside, Santa Carolina has very little wave action and is fringed by the most delicate of coral reefs and shoals of fish of all colours, sizes and varieties.

Today is one of the highlights of our island hopping adventure, a visit to Paradise island where we snorkel over the pristine reefs and spend time exploring one of the most beautiful island beaches in the world. After a beach picnic lunch and some more time on the island, we travel back to Bazaruto and the luxury and comfort of Anantara Bazaruto.

Bazaruto archipelago. Benguerra Island Soft corals around Paradise island/Santa Carolina Bazaruto Island Archipelago Mozambique
Day 6 - Transfer to Northern Bazaruto

After breakfast you will have another opportunity to explore the shoreline of Bazaruto Island when you are transferred by boat up to the northern part of Bazaruto, to the Pestana Bazaruto Lodge.

At Pestana Bazaruto your luxurious accommodation is situated just off the beach in the tropical vegetation, with unbeatable views of the beach and towards North Tip, the extreme tip of Bazaruto Island.

Activities from Pestana Bazaruto include:

Scuba diving
Snorkeling excursions
Fishing Trips
Wake boarding
Water Skiing

Day 7

By this stage in your island hopping holiday you will have seen all of the major Islands in the Bazaruto archipelago and enjoyed various activities on offer on all of the islands.

After breakfast, you can decide how you would like to spend your last day in paradise. You can choose from all the activities mentioned previously, or spend the day walking or relaxing on the beach before your flight to Vilanculos, on the African mainland.

Day 8

After another Island breakfast, you will be transported to the airstrip to catch another scenic flight to Vilanculos. From there you will catch a connecting flight to O.R Thambo airport, Johannesburg, South Africa, from where you will connect with your international flight.

This is just one of our Bazaruto Island Holiday Itineraries.

Contact us for an individually designed holiday suited to your time availability, interests and needs.

We also offer Scuba Diving Packages and big Game Fishing Packages.

Shallow corals around Paradise Island / Santa Carolina Paradise Island corals Two Species of Giant clam occur around the Bazaruto Archipelago, Tridacna maxima and T. squamosa

Further reading

Bazaruto Island Information

The Bazaruto Archipelago As a Holiday Destination

Sun, tropical beaches fringed with coconut palm trees, exclusive luxury lodge accommodation, scuba diving, snorkeling, sailing, peace and tranquility, awe inspiring natural beauty..... this is what you can expect from a holiday to the Bazaruto Islands. The ultimate tropical island getaway.

Scuba Diving Bazaruto

Warm water throughout the year, excellent visibility and biologically diverse coral reefs, Bazaruto is one of the best scuba diving locations in the world. Regular sightings of whale sharks, manta rays and turtles are highlights of  dives at spots such as Two-Mile reef and Africa reef.

The coral reefs around Bazaruto are home to more than one third of the total species occurring in the Indian Ocean, with unique coral structures and beds of Stag horn corals, brain corals and soft corals.

If you would like to do a scuba diving course while visiting Bazaruto, most of the lodges on the islands offer scuba diving courses and refresher courses.

Snorkeling around the Bazaruto Islands

In many places, the Bazaruto Island Archipelago is fringed by sandstone and beach rock reefs. This rock creates the perfect substrate for corals and other reef organisms to attach themselves onto. This, added with the very sheltered conditions around the islands allows coral reefs and the organisms associated with these reefs, to flourish.

The tidal differences in this part of the Indian ocean are great, with an average tidal difference at spring tides of 3.5 meters with a record 4.6 meters recorded at equinox. These tidal differences result in massive amounts of water flowing in and out to sea from behind the islands. In some places this allows you to drift effortlessly along the reef, and if you time it correctly, you can return to where you started with the current. At other places, this tidal surge can be very dangerous, carrying unsuspecting bathers, snorkelers and divers out into deep water or even out to sea.

We provide all scuba diving equipment.

Safety while snorkeling the Bazaruto Islands

Safety first, Bazaruto is a remote location.
Rule no.1 - Don't touch anything and don't step on the reef, corals are razor sharp.
Stay with you guide and take careful note of his/her instructions.
Tides and Current. When snorkeling the Bazaruto Archipelago for the first time, be sure to use a guide from the lodge in which you are accommodated. Before your snorkeling trip, check what the tides are doing and ask you guide what you can expect the water currents to do during the time you are snorkeling.

Jellyfish. If you see a jellyfish, just move away and don't touch it. There are no deadly jellyfish around the Bazaruto Islands.

Stonefish. If you don,t step on the reef at any time, you will never step on a Stonefish and it's lethal spine. Stonefish are well camouflaged and lie motionless on the reef. Do not walk in submerged rocky areas.

Rays. Rays do not harm you if you do not touch or step on them.

Sunburn. Bazaruto has a tropical climate and the sun burns all year round, from the moment it rises to the time it sets. When you are snorkeling, you are cool and you don't feel the effect of those harmful rays of the sun. Apply sunscreen/sunblock in the morning and reapply every 2-4 hours or more regularly if you are in and out of the water.

Drinking water. Ensure you take enough drinking water on you snorkeling excursions, at least 2l per person. Do not get dehydrated, but also ensure you are taking in enough electrolytes if you are drinking unusually large amounts of water.

Bazaruto Fishing

Bazaruto Island Lodges have big game fishing charter boat. The tropical waters around the Bazaruto Islands are teeming with life, offering fantastic fishing for big game fishermen, targeting species such as Marlin, Sailfish, Barracuda, Wahoo, Tuna and Dorado.

Bazaruto Island fishing charters run on a daily basis and have all the fishing tackle and equipment to ensure you have the trip of a lifetime.

Location Of the Bazaruto Islands & how to get here

The Bazaruto Island Archipelago is situated off the east coast of Africa and is part of Mozambique. The easiest way to get to the Bazaruto Islands is to fly to O.R. Thambo airport in Johannesburg, South Africa. From there you catch a connecting flight to Vilanculos in Mozambique.

From Vilanculos we arrange all the transport to and between the islands. These transfers are by helicopter, light aircraft and by boat.

Visas for Mozambique

Holiday visas are required for a holiday in Mozambique. 30 day Visas are easily obtainable at customs at the Vilanculos airport. 

Bazaruto Island Archipelago Ecology

The Bazaruto Islands lie within the Eastern African Marine Eco region, situated between Somalia and the Cape Point in South Africa. The Bazaruto Islands, 5 in total, are situated within the tropical part of this eco region, 10 - 20km offshore, and are extremely rich with very a high biodiversity. The Bazaruto Archipelago is also home to the largest population of Dugongs (Dugong dugong) in the Indian Ocean, making the protection this area extremely important to ensure the survival of this rare and shy animal.

Marine Ecosystems of the Bazaruto Islands

Ecologically, the Bazaruto Island Archipelago can be divided into 5 distinct zones namely the sandy beaches and sand flats, the seagrass beds, the intertidal rocky shores, mangrove swamps and the coral reefs.

Sandy Beaches and Sand Flats

The area on the west of the islands is very sheltered from winds and ocean swell, resulting in low energy conditions and the build-up of sand banks between deeper channels kept deep by tidal currents. These sand flats are covered in many areas by marine angiosperms and algae and are important areas for grazing bivalves which are an important part of the food chain, feeding many fish species such as the Spotted Grunter and Natal Stumpnose.

Seagrass Beds

Four types of seagrass inhabit the sandy flats close to the Bazaruto Islands as well as along the mainland shore between Inhassorro and Vilanculos. These are Thalassiodendron ciliatum, Cymodocea rotunda, Halodule uninervis and Zostrea capensis.

These seagrass beds around Bazaruto act as important nursery areas for juvenile fish, provide grazing for marine mollusks and are the primary food source for the resident population of Dugongs.

Intertidal Rocky Shore

The stable conditions of the beachrock allow for the prolific growth of corals and shelter for fish, invertebrates and marine angiosperms. The intertidal reefs also offer protection from ocean swell and protect the beaches and dunes from wave erosion.

The Coral Reefs

The westward movement of the Bazaruto Islands has resulted in the original beachrock being submerged. Beachrock was formed when sand particles at the base of sand dunes were cemented together due to the calcium carbonate content from the sea shell fragments in the sand. As the sandy islands were moved westward by the prevailing winds, the beachrock was eroded to below sea level. Once these outcrops of rock became submerged, coral of many varieties could colonize the solid substrate to form well structured  coral reefs with very high biodiversity.

The coral reefs around the Bazaruto Island Archipelago are home to around 300 fish species and one third of all the species occurring in the Indian Ocean. Humpback whales and Southern Right Whales visit the area in the winter months during their annual migration to the Mozambique channel where the whales give birth to their calves in the winter months. Whale sharks and Manta are common and often congregate in large numbers at the southern end of the Bazaruto Archipelago, in the region of the Sao Sebastian Peninsula, particularly around 'Africa Reef', where they feed in the plankton rich waters flowing out from behind the island on an outgoing tide.

Bazaruto Island Archipelago Holidays

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